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COVID-19 Open-Source Help Desk

The COVID-19 global pandemic is an incredible challenge to our society. Lives are lost and many millions suffer long-lasting consequences as medical facilities are overwhelmed, societies shut down, and populations are confined or quarantined. In the fight against this rapidly spreading virus, time is of the essence. A few days gained towards a vaccine or a treatment make a huge difference.

We are expert users, developers, maintainers and community leaders of major open source scientific computing software packages used across scientific fields, and we want to help you!

If you are a virologist, epidemiologist, or a researcher working on a cure, and you make use of open-source scientific computing software, we would like to help you use your time most effectively. Do you struggle with setting up software, getting the right command in your analysis pipeline, or plotting exactly the information you need? Do you struggle with large amounts of data? Is there a bug or feature that you need in your open-source software stack that would make a big difference if it were resolved? Are you frustrated trying to learn how to build interactive dashboards to communicate results? Do you feel like you are wasting your time on tedious software issues, and if you just could reach out to an expert in scientific software, you could use your time much better?

This is the raison-dtre of the COVID-19 OSS HELPDESK, a fast-track stack overflow where you can get answers from the very people who wrote the software that you use or who are experts in its use!

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